“It is important from time to time to slow down, to go away by yourself, and simply be.”

– Eileen Caddy

Why aren’t men advised to do this sort of thing? Because it sounds like loopy new-age feminine jargon. Can one “simply be” in a dignified manner? Of course! Do you need to consciously pencil it in on your pink to-do list? I don’t think so.


“The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself.”

– Rita Mae Brown

Do people like you too much? Here’s a thought: you might be a self-loathing conformist. Have a nice day!

Free Emily


“Yes, as my swift days near their goal, ’tis all that I implore: In life and death a chainless soul, with courage to endure.”

– Emily Bronte

Surely Emily endured plenty, with courage to spare. Here’s what I implore: that she be unchained from “women’s” categories to inspire people of all genders.

No pushing!


January 6

“There’s a hunger and a fervor that I have, but there’s no person I’m going to push to the side to get where I’m going. I want to create my own road.”

– Drew Barrymore

For women, being nice to the people trying to push you off the road is more important than getting where you’re going. How has that worked out so far?

What is this calendar trying to tell you?

“Women:  A Year 2010 Daily Calendar” (Avalanche® Publishing) promises “Words of Wisdom for Women” and has this to say about itself: “This empowering calendar is full of wise and witty words from inspiring women. Enjoy quotes about careers, men, life, love, and motherhood all year long!”

Here’s my question, and the inspiration for this blog: Why is it only women who are subjected to this sort of publishing? Why no wise and witty inspiration for men? The label “especially for men” is strictly confined to hair renewal or something  hetero sex-related. I can’t help but wonder which 365 quotes have been deemed most “empowering”  for women, and what exactly are they trying to say to us gals? Let’s find out as the year progresses.

January 1

“One must never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.”

–         Helen Keller

The man is keeping you from soaring, woman! Stop consenting to creep, already. Wait, I consented to creeping? So it’s my fault. I thought so.

January 2/3

“I’ve got my figure back after giving birth. Sad, I’d hoped to get somebody else’s.”

–         Caroline Quentin

You will never look good enough, so stop trying. Losing pregnancy weight is meaningless, because you were so misshapen to begin with. If Christy f-ing Turlington can come up with a list of self-perceived body flaws, where do you suppose that puts you?

January 4

“Beware of fishing for compliments – you might come up with a boot.”

–         Carol Weston

See January 3, and remember: tooting your own horn this way will only bring you sorrow, because other women are judging you even more harshly than you judge yourself.

January 5

“If you are too careful, you are so occupied in being careful that you are sure to stumble over something.”

–         Gertrude Stein

Whereas if you blithely skip along, not trying too hard to get it right, you may run off a cliff but at least you won’t stumble. Let’s say you do manage to finish your project alive, whatever you were doing was done so carelessly it could all just be a big mess. But maybe you’re supposed to be just careful enough – but not too careful! – then you won’t make a mess or fall off a cliff. Can’t wait to get started on that prom dress I’m designing!